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How to Simplify Your Art

A simple canvas can lead to a masterpiece. Learn the best tips for creating a simple and beautiful canvas with less anxiety, worry, and complication.

What can Creatives do?

Creatives are able to save time and experience less anxiety, worry, and complication from following some simple tips provided below.


Forward-Thinking Planning of your color pallet will help to identify the final success in your masterpiece.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Assess your pre-drawn canvas.

  2. Search for the color patterns to match the location you desire to display your art.

  3. Create a pallet based on paint colors you plan to use.

  4. Organize your shades and be sure to include black and white for lightening and darkening your colors. If you are not sure how much of each to use, applying colors to a large pallet will allow for transitions of various shades to be considered.

  5. Lastly, begin to put it all together. Take your time and be sure to use different size brushes (2 minimum) to allow for variations in your shading needs.


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